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From cities to market towns, high streets to science parks, airports to sea-ports, digital to energy infrastructure, community revival to new towns, Town Deals to Levelling-Up, strategy design to project funding….. URBEC has the strategic skills and experience to bring clarity, insight and added-value to the full range of economic development and regeneration issues.

Our services are focussed around some key themes

Place diagnostics and directions

Blending expertise in economic geography, urban planning, property development and spatial economics, URBEC brings a unique perspective to place-strategy planning and urban change management. It’s the combination of spatial and economic dimensions that differentiates the URBEC offer. URBEC works with urbanists, engineers, project managers and project promoters to find strategic solutions to urban growth and regeneration challenges.


Getting down to ‘Levelling Up’

The Levelling-Up agenda is now a centrepiece of Government policy. This must mean more than token projects for short-term impact. Place economies need to be understood, benchmarked and mobilised to create meaningful responses to local needs and opportunities.

URBEC is focused exclusively on the levelling-up agenda.

The Business of Case-making

Compelling narrative, strong data, a clear logic chain – and clarity of economic impacts and outcomes. These are the features of good project business cases. Government agencies need to be convinced that infrastructure projects can deliver real impact and act as catalysts to wider land change and value uplifts. URBEC brings long experience in project case-making and the expectations of public sector decision-makers.

Taking the ‘Green Book’ as read.

Government expectations on project value for money require project promoters to understand and follow key guidance, including the Treasury’s ‘Green Book’. Investment cases need to follow this guidance, with transparent options review, financial appraisal, cost-benefit analysis and project delivery plans. URBEC has a deep understanding of Green Book requirements and can help project promoters through technical requirements.