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Clear Thinking on Urban Economics

URBEC – Urban Economics offers a fresh platform for delivering smart economic development and regeneration consultancy services to public authorities and the private sector.

We navigate complexity in place economies, deliver tailored support to public agencies and the private sector, and offer a strategic perspective on the economic case for capital infrastructure projects.


Place diagnostics and directions

Getting Down to Levelling Up

The business of case-making

Taking the ‘Green Book’ as read

We understand the dynamics of urban economies and the challenges faced by public agencies in defining and prioritising economic infrastructure investments.

Our urban economies are facing profound changes. Navigating these changes requires agile and innovative responses if levelling up is to be a reality. With climate change and green economy drivers at the forefront of growth policy, and a complex set of global influences, clear thinking on urban economic development is now mission critical. In the new paradigm public sector agencies face in resourcing economic development and achieving sustainable growth, only investments grounded in delivery realism will be credible. A new dawn for sustainable local communities, renewed high streets and local control of resources drives our thinking on the future for urban economies.